since falling in love with birth photography, I've done a lot of thinking about why I love it so much, as a photographer, and what about documenting birth stories was driving the passion I immediately felt for this genre over any I had pursued. long story {kinda} short, this is when my vision for "real-life" sessions was born. I'm certain it's not a novel idea, but it's not something I've seen much of and I don't think it's the "norm" when documenting a family, or milestones in a child's life, or someone doing whatever they do (for a living/as a hobby). the goal of these real-life sessions is for me to document just that -- life, happening. happening without my input, apart from my instruction. if you want family photos, I can come to your home and capture moments + details of a "day in the life" of your family, whatever that looks like. breakfast, story time, homeschooling. or we'll go on an adventure -- a day at the zoo, play date at the park, ice cream by the pool. I won't go into these photo session with the primary goal of capturing each individual in your family actually looking at the camera AND smiling, and all simultaneously. I won't force a moment for a shot, I'll capture images of what your real life looks like. aren't these the most meaningful photos, the ones that land in albums instead of above your fireplace? aren't those the one's that will be passed down to your children, and their children, and flipped-through fondly by family members that lived too late to meet you? those are the ones I am passionate about delivering to you. I want to photograph your family, your event, or whatever you do; a hobby, your job that you love, a "day in your life." I just want to be and document without much doing, without interfering. I want to give you images that represent your real life, that truly capture who you are and what you love.

check out this post if you're interested in reading the long(er) version of my passion behind this pursuit!

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