the Parker family || denton family photographer

This was the funnest family shoot, y'all. Mom & dad are good lookin' and the kiddos are the cutest. We spent the afternoon exploring their awesome new home-complete with goats, chickens & farm kittens! THEN we ended out the evening with a paint-balloon fight. awesome. Love this family & loved their idea of a good time.


the Haas family || denton family photographer

We had SO much fun taking pictures of this adorable family! These little boys were much bigger fans of exploring the woods, chasing each other across the bridge & throwing stones into the water than posing for pictures-but that made for some really fun and meaningful family photos! It's more important to me to go on an adventure than have a photo shoot, and I'd rather capture memories and moments than poses.  

the Burroughs family || denton family photographer

I loved taking pictures of this family, they were so much fun and up for anything! We created some crazy silhouettes, flattened pennies on the tracks when a train passed & even did a mini beloved shoot of mom & dad as Sam kept the kiddos busy-it was a blast!