farewell, 2014

2014 has left me a whole new person. this was a year full of learning + growing for me; as a business owner, as a photographer, as a friend, as a wife, as a Christ-follower + most-drastically, as a mother. I became a mother in 2013, but this year I learned so much more about how to be a mother; how to love like a mother, how to hug like a mother, how to kiss + heal ouch-ies like a mother. how to get through hard day after long night, after impossible day after sleepless night (hint: Jesus -- coffee just doesn't cut it). I learned more about God -- more about His grace, His sovereignty, His perfection. His worthiness; His infiniteness. how I need Him, every good/bad/hard/joyful/miserable second. I learned about myself. how I handle no sleep and stress and a busy schedule. what I love, what I need, when to stop. I learned about my marriage -- mostly that it needs more Jesus. more Jesus, less of my pride, so much less of me. I learned about the art of photography. through practice, through trial + error, through being inspired and discouraged and creative and hard on myself. I felt called to pursue birth photography, and was blessed so greatly with the opportunity to do so, with incredible expecting couples that welcomed me into such a sacred, intimate time in their lives to capture the burden + beauty of labor and the spectacular miracle of childbirth. this year I longed to be better than I am at what I do. in following Christ, in being a wife, in parenting my sweet Madelynn, in encouraging my friends, in capturing moments in people's lives. I'm going into 2015 with a renewed state-of-mind, heart + spirit. I am so very in-love with what I get to do with my life, my time, and it's all because of you. my friends, my family, my clients, my peers, my admirers, my superiors -- anyone who may have stumbled across this blog of mine has encouraged me in some small way. anyone I've had the honor of documenting in a special season of their lives. anyone who has critiqued me, judged me, inspired me or motivated me. thank you. thank you Lord for 2014, the very best, the very hardest, and therefore the most life-changing year yet. bring it on, 2015!