Madelynn Rose, 11 months

one week from today, my little girl will be 1 year old. it's impossible to not feel excited and a little sad at the same time. while I will always miss the baby she no longer is, and will probably miss bits + pieces of every stage of development she goes through, I am trying to embrace the inevitable reality that she will be changing and getting older 100% of the time. so, here's a photo + milestone recap for Madelynn's bittersweet last month of true infancy.

as an 11-month-old, she:

  • started imitating things we show her how to do and understanding when we ask her certain questions
  • tried potatoes + mango
  • learned the sounds that a monkey, lion + elephant make
  • helped me with laundry by taking clothes out of the dryer and tossing them in the hamper
  • started cursing really well
  • began helping me clean up her bath toys when we're done by handing them to me one at a time
  • blows kisses perfectly
  • can flip through pages in her books + magazines
  • has stood on her own without holding onto anything for a split second
  • can recognize patterns in our play and knows when I do something differently
  • tried to say "bath"
  • went down our tall kitchen step on her own (I'm not sure it was completely on purpose, but it was backwards like we've tried to teach her)

& now a few 11 month photos and way too many swing shots (it's her favorite thing to do and therefore produces the cutest smiles)