Madelynn Rose, 10 months

my goal was to have Madelynn's 11 month photos posted before she turned here is a quick 10 month photo post and milestone update, soon to be followed by the post on her last month as a less-than-1-year-old -- CAN. NOT. BELIEVEIT! as a 10 month old, Madelynn:

  • slept in her room, in her crib, ALL night long. (still wakes up often, but most nights we don't need to go in anymore!)
  • learned to make sound when she claps
  • walked with her push toy
  • started shaking her head "no"
  • figured out what "go get the ball" means
  • started asking for bone broth ("baba"), saying puppies ("puh-puh") & exclaiming uh-oh ("uh-uh") when she drops something
  • climbed all over everything
  • loved taking toys out of the bin, then putting them in something else -- she's an organizer like her mama!
  • will "offer" us food from her tray, but always laughs and stuffs it in her own mouth at the last second
  • started blowing kisses
  • said "ba" for ball (and bottle, and daddy, and most things that she gets excited about)

it was a good month for little M :)