Madelynn Rose, 9 months

y'all. I am writing this...from a coffee shop...where I'm hanging out by myself! at almost 9 PM! & my darling daughter is sleeping peacefully (as far as I know) at home with my sweet, servant-hearted husband who let me get out of the house to get some work done and to save the last little bit of sanity I have left after today (which started at 1:30 AM with a frantically screaming baby, a huge mess & a middle-of-the-night mommy/daughter bathtime...I'll spare you the details). & the only stipulation was that I bring him home a chocolate shake. what a deal, right? I've exhausted my editing stamina for the night, so I'm playing catch-up yet again and sharing some Maddie Rose cuteness. As a 9-month-old, my sweetie:

  • pulled-up in her crib
  • took her FIRST EVER NAP in her crib
  • figured out how to crawl to a (cracked) door & open it
  • tried banana, blueberries, broccoli, chicken, carrots, green beans, corn
  • waved & said "bah-bah" to the nurse & Dr. at her 9 month checkup
  • had her first {blueberry, strawberry, spinach + coconut water} smoothie
  • fell asleep in her crib for bedtime (we finally started "sleep training")
  • "cruised" just a little along the coffee table
  • started for-real clapping
  • stacked blocks
  • played peek-a-boo
  • waved "hi" to me from her carseat in my rearview mirror
  • said "hi" to daddy on the phone
  • slept more than half the night in her crib
  • started giving me kisses without me even asking
  • imitated my monkey noises
  • tried to feed herself with a spoon
  • crawled to grab her ball when asked
  • started a new bedtime routine where we wave "night-night" to everything in her room
  • woke up babbling -- instead of crying
  • started responding to me saying "no, no" or "stop"
  • said "papa" & "dada" {the latter was one of the sweetest moments I've ever witnessed -- it was minutes after Sam got home from work // he became the happiest I've ever seen him // happy tears were shed}
  • went all night without nursing (& Sam only had to get her out to rock her once)

it was a BIG month for M -- she hit many milestones, she surprised us every single day with something new she had picked up + she started napping and sleeping overnight in her crib (which has literally changed my life -- I mean, I'm at a coffee shop at 9:15).

& here's a few of my faves from her 9-month photos: