Madelynn Rose, 8 months || denton infant photographer

I'm really trying to catch-up with sharing updates on my sweet girl! She's almost 11 months now, so I'm pretty behind, but WILL be done by her first birthday. I just can't believe we're talking about her first party already...and I can't believe she is making sounds that sound like real words -- on purpose! & I can't believe she's walking with her walker, and sleeping in her crib all night! but those are things to share in her 11-month-post, this one is a flashback to her 9th month of life (8 months old), when she:

  • celebrated Sam's first father's day with him
  • nailed her first wave, and hasn't stopped since
  • tried (& loved) avocado
  • waved bye-bye
  • stayed in Little Village at our church for the first time
  • said "hi" in a cute country drawl
  • tried frozen peas (these + avocados are still her favorite foods)
  • started almost crawling/scooting forward on her belly
  • went to her first annual Cagle family reunion + met all of her grammy's side of the family
  • cut her second tooth
  • started saying "mama" all the time, mostly in reference to food
  • tried zucchini, carrots, grapes, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, butternut squash, + banana
  • crawled/climbed over me in bed
  • gave her friend Reaghan kisses
  • nodded "yes"
  • tried to sign "more" (this didn't stick, she just screams instead) + signed "all done" (this definitely stuck, though I'm not sure she actually understands what it means because she usually still wants more)
  • finally started full-out crawling!
  • started transferring from one object to another while standing (though still has yet to "cruise")
  • pulled up on our coffee table

it was an eventful month for our girl, and she's only growing + developing faster and faster! it's such a bittersweet season of life. I feel like each day I celebrate her growing up and getting happier and learning and showing off new skills, while mourning the loss of my baby from the day before. she brings me so much joy.


& here's a few 8-month favorites: