Madelynn Rose, 7 months || denton infant photographer

Oh, my darling. How incredibly sweet + impossibly difficult being your mama has been. I love you with all of my heart and will always love you even more. Some days I am able to be grateful for how tough you can be, because I realize it is the hard days that the Lord can use to refine me and the good and bad moments He uses to bless me. I really wish I had written up an entire post for every month of your little life so far, each one flying by faster than the last. I wish I had written about each trial we faced and milestone we celebrated. Now that you're surprising us every single day with new tricks and sounds and smiles and laughs, I'm finding it hard to jot everything down before I forget and have way too much to share from the last few months. So, this post is very behind, but I wanted to give months 7-12 the attention they deserve...

As a 7-month-old, you:

  • celebrated my first Mother's Day with me
  • used your hook-on high chair for the first time
  • tried coconut oil
  • began eating food! we started you with homemade bone broth in a bottle
  • slept a 6 hour stretch! (on daddy's chest) ((this is when we discovered you were capable of sleeping more than an hour at a time, but it HAD to be on your daddy...and we encouraged that habit for a bit too long to give me some much-needed rest some nights))
  • fed yourself coconut oil
  • started scooting backwards on your bottom to get around...and became so adorably frustrated when you were "heading for" something in front of you, but only got farther & farther away
  • started giving mama kisses
  • signed "please" (just once or twice...manners haven't caught on yet)
  • learned to wave
  • got up on all 4s
  • stood holding onto a chair (we put you there), and then with only one hand!
  • tried & LOVED an orange slice
  • scooted forward on your belly
  • danced to music & on-command
  • scooted yourself up from your belly to sitting
  • learned to blow raspberries on my arm
  • started giving huge, open-mouthed kisses
  • rode in a shopping cart for the first time
  • started cutting your first tooth (& though you're typically a very sensitive baby, with very few teething symptoms! possibly thanks to your amber teething necklace)
  • ate egg yolk & an apple slice
  • had to stay overnight at Cook Children's Hospital for seizures. what a scary, sad, helpless day! Praise the Lord, your EEG came back completely normal and we haven't had any scares since.
  • while at the hospital, you got up on all 4s & rocked back and forth AND pulled up for the first time (you were trying your very best to ditch the dozens of cords hooked up to you & escape the terrifying "crib" ((cage)) they kept you in). what a relief to go home after 24 hours!
M 7mon7
M 7mon7
M 7 mon2
M 7 mon2

& here are a few (ok, a small percentage) of my favorite images of you from that month: