wimberly, tx -- family time

As June drew to a close, Sam + I packed up our (Madelynn's) 1.5 million most essential items and headed south. This was our first long(ish) drive with M, and we were pretty nervous about how she would do. Praise the Lord, she slept, played and only whined quietly some for 4 out of the 5 hours of the drive. The last hour was a different story...but we all survived the long, loud, and windy roads approaching our final destination. This place was pretty far out there...like, the nearest little convenience store was 20 min. away. Ok, maybe that's not that far out there -- but, it felt like we were all alone in the world (along with 20 other members of Sam's family) for a few days, and it was nice. We all shared a main house & a guest cottage on the property, as well as 1 pool, 1 hot tub, 1 set of horseshoes, 1 fire pit, 1 basketball hoop & 1 hammock. Also 1 massive Teepee. Oh yea, and 1 bathroom in the guest cottage where the 6 of us with 4 littles stayed. It was a really great, moderately relaxing time (note: the definition of "relax" actually changes significantly once you have a baby. I did not know to register for the Parenting Dictionary to prepare me for this sudden and drastic change in the English language). Anyways, I just wanted to share some of my favorite images/moments of the trip, and I will spare you the ones of the massive stick bugs gettin' it on and the even more massive & dangerously-close-to-where-I-slept daddy long legs orgy ball (both of which my husband so kindly captured). Bugs & all it was a good time.DSC_9242FR3 :: pre-Madelynn, I think Sam + I may have chosen to forego our room in the guest cottage to camp out in this beauty ::

and yes, the water was actually that color...it was enchanting.