Madelynn Rose, 6 months || denton infant photographer

Now that my little M is over 9 months old, I was going to pick up where I left off and post pictures of her from 6-9 months, but as I was going through all the (hundreds & hundreds) of those images, I just fell in love with so many from her sixth month of life and decided they deserved their very own post. I've been keeping a running list of each and every tiny little milestone she hits -- everything she does for the first time that I find cute, impressive & remarkable, as well as her notable first experiences. Here's just a few things she did at 6 months that made me proud and a few experiences we shared:

  • went camping (well, we hung out with our camping home group until bedtime)
  • stayed with a babysitter (for 6 whole hours!)
  • went to a dear friend's wedding/danced on a dance floor/laughed at my dance moves
  • first Easter + Mother's Day
  • stayed with daddy overnight as I photographed my first birth story (2 nights in a row)
  • began sticking her tongue out and thought it was hilarious
  • went to Arts & Jazz + the Dallas Arboretum
  • sat in a high chair at a restaurant
  • started scooting backwards on her bottom
  • tasted a lemon + and a lime
  • started saying her Ms & Ns...which quickly became "mama"s! (though, we're pretty sure she thought "mama" meant food...I think she's figured out the difference now ;-) )

& now for some cute/beautiful/silly pictures of my girl...enjoy! DSC_5617