the birth of Cayden Daniel: a mom's 2VBA3C story || denton birth photographer

I am so thrilled to be sharing these photos and this experience with you. Almost one month ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to document the birth story of Cayden Daniel, my Birth Boot Camp instructor's second VBA3C (yep, baby #5). Talk about a strong, super-mama! First, I'd love to share Caryn's story in her words.

& here's my abridged, from-the-sidelines version:

Caryn texted me in wee hours of Easter Sunday morning saying it was time. I was so excited, nervous + just giddy about getting to be present for an actual, real-live, right-in-front-of-my-eyes BIRTH. When my husband and I took our natural childbirth class, we saw numerous videos of women in labor + the moment of birth - but I just knew it would be completely different to be there in person. I was so right. I get emotional all over again just thinking about this crazy experience. So, I headed to the hospital for the first time that day. Yes, the first time. This baby was being just a tiny bit stubborn. Like, teasing his mama with contractions for over a week stubborn (and even early labor contractions are nothing to tease about). So, after our first round of walking the hallway to help her labor get going, we were all able to head home to enjoy Easter Sunday with our families. Thanks Cayden! Later that evening, just after I had put M to bed (ok, gotten her to sleep next to me), Caryn texted me again telling me this time she was certain Cayden was on his way. I headed to the hospital once again. This time, she was right. Cayden arrived exactly 3 and a half hours after I got to the hospital, just in time to barely beat the doctor and make his grand entrance into the arms of a midwife, just as Caryn had hoped. What a blessing! The moments immediately after his birth were some of the most incredible I've experienced. It was such a beautiful time as Caryn and her husband Steve greeted and got to know their brand-new little one. I soaked up the joy, the pride and the excitement in the birth suite as I documented those precious interactions between mom, dad & baby. I've tried to put this night into words, but feel like the pictures do it much better justice. I'm beyond grateful I was able to capture some of the most important moments of their lives and I can't wait to do it again for my next mama any day now!